Registrations for SLATCC 2018 are open until the meeting occurs, but registration fees vary: early bird until May 31st, normal fee until August 31st, and late fee from September 1st on.

For values of registration fees, see the table below.

To access the online registration form, please go to


Type of participant

May 31st

August 31st

October 24th

Non-academic professionals

BRL 600.00

BRL 700.00

BRL 800.00

Professors and other professionals from universities

BRL 300.00

BRL 350.00

BRL 400.00

Post-docs and Ph.D. students*

BRL 200.00

BRL 250.00

BRL 300.00

M.Sc. and undergraduate students*

BRL 100.00

BRL 150.00

BRL 200.00

* An official proof of post-doc or student (undergraduate, M.Sc. or Ph.D.) status will have to be presented at conference check-in. Participants failing to present this proof of status will have to pay the difference to the value of the full registration fee.