For oral presentations (OP), according to the detailed programme available in the link shown further below, talk time is:

- 12 min, plus additional 3 min for questions for sessions B, C, D, F, H and I;

- 15 min, plus additional 5 min for questions for sessions A and E.

Poster presenters should bring a poster with a maximum width of 95 cm and a maximum height of 140 cm. Poster boards will have a hook to hang posters, so we encourage presenters to bring a poster with a rope/string, since this makes hanging easier than with double-sided adhesive tape (which will also be available). All posters should be hung on Sunday (after 14h30), and remain displayed until Wednesday 14h30. The presenters of the best overall poster and the best poster presented by a student ("student poster") will be selected to receive a prize (certificate plus value in BRL), and will be asked to do a short oral presentation just before conference closing on Wednesday afternoon. Final selection of best posters will be known by Wednesday lunch time.

As stated in the webpage describing the conference, official oral languages of the conference are Spanish, Portuguese and English, but written language is English. Thus, authors are asked to prepare slides and posters in English, but can present orally in any of the 3 languages. There will be no simultaneous translation. Spanish and Portuguese are similar enough to allow mutual understanding, as the previous editions of this conference since 2004 have shown.


The final detailed programme and poster list can be found in this link. The final conference book, including programme and all abstracts, can be found here.


Social programme will be disclosed very close to the date of the conference.